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How to Spend a Day on St. Lucia

Updated: Feb 9

St Lucia is a beautiful island with so many things to see! We were only there for one day on a cruise and didn't know if we wanted to go to the beach, snorkel the pitons or hike a volcano. In the end, we chose to go to Reduit Beach/Rodney Bay for a beach day.

We planned on taking the local bus but the taxi drivers are a bit aggressive at the cruise port and follow you while you walk around. We ended up going with a taxi driver who said he could take us to the quiet side of Reduit Beach with crystal clear water and no waves! We were sold. The taxi cost $20 per person roundtrip and we didn't pay until the end of the day when the taxi driver picked us up at the pre-arranged time. He ended up dropping us off at the far left of Reduit Beach next to the mountainside. There was no one there all morning and we rented 2 beach chairs and an umbrella for $5 each from the small beach bar. They only had 6 chairs and 3 umbrella's but we were the first ones there, so had our pick of where we wanted to be on their beach. The water was crystal clear. It was so clear that I was standing in the water and saw an eel!!!! We decided to snorkel and saw amazing colored coral, lots of fish and sea urchins. I would definitely go back to this location again as many reviews online said the vendors harassed them all day at Reduit Beach but we had no issue with this.

(Beach to ourselves at Reduit Beach. The far end of the beach is Pigeon Island which is known for good snorkeling)

(Our private beach)

(The port of St.Lucia)

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