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Q & A

  • Can you get me a "good deal"?
    Maybe! However, when it comes to a 'good deal,' more often than not, you end up with less than what you deserve. The Gypsea Travellers focus is on providing you with the best value, ensuring that your hard-earned money gets you the best travel experience. Our resort partners often greet you with a note written just for you from The Gypsea Traveller, sometimes some surprise amenities or even breakfast being included in your rate. If you're on a tight budget or simply enjoy the thrill of the hunt for fantastic deals, an online booking site might be your perfect match. If you crave the best memories, sights, and experiences that money can buy, The Gypsea Traveller is here to get you there and make sure you have an amazing vacation.
  • Can you provide me a price breakdown of my itinerary?
    The Gypsea Traveller appreciates your interest in breaking down the package cost, but our packages are designed to provide you with the best value as well as make vacation planning easy by booking everything under one package. The Gypsea Traveller has partnerships with suppliers, hotels and tour operators which often have contractual agreements and wholesale pricing not available to the public which doesn't allow to itemize. If price transparency is really important to you, then The Gypsea Traveller will suggest you book on your own so you can price each individual part of the vacation. Not always is this the best value.
  • Do you book AirBNB or VRBO?
    The Gypsea Traveler does not work with AirBnB or VRBO, or more so they don't work with Travel Agents! I can find you luxury rental homes and condos in most locations.
  • Can you book just part of my vacation?
    In most cases, no. The Gypsea Traveller is determined to make this process seamless and hassle-free for you. We want to deliver exceptional quality throughout your entire vacation, leaving no room for confusion or additional work on your part which can happen if we piecemeal parts together. The only exception to this is flights. If you’d like to book your flights so you can use miles or rewards points, that works! The Gypsea Traveller will work with you to make sure you’re booking flights that fit with your itinerary.
  • When should I start planning my vacation?
    It's essential for you to book your vacation at least 60 days/two months prior to your departure date. Planning and booking your vacation six to eight months in advance is even better to get you the best availability and pricing. For large family vacations or bucket list destinations booking nine to twelve months out is the best.
Libbi is amazing!!! She helped us plan our honeymoon to Hawaii and was the only travel agent who offered to have a video call meeting and take the time to personalize our trip based upon the pace we wanted and what interested us. Even while she was taking some time off near the holidays, she checked in with us during our trip. Everything went smoothly, and we have her to thank for an incredible honeymoon.


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