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How to Spend a Day on Grenada

Updated: Feb 9

We chose to take the local bus in Grenada to Mourne Rouge Beach/BBC. From the cruise ship we walked left on the main street to a two story parking garage where mini van/buses were parked. The bus cost $1 per person each way and we got on the #1 bus to Grand Anse Beach. From there, we used our gps to walk to Mourne Rouge Beach. It took about 15-20 minutes and we had to climb a mini hill but the beach was worth it. It was a beautiful stretch of beach with no waves and not too many people. There were a few beach restaurants with food and drinks and chair rentals. The water was milky and not super clear but there were many shells on the beach!

At the end of the day we walked back and checked out Grand Anse Beach. It was a very large beach with many restaurants, hotels and lots of people. The water was crystal clear even though it was wavier that day. We walked to the spice market where spices were $5 a bag. Then we walked to the water taxi and paid $5 per person for it to drop us off right next to the cruise ship.

If I go back to Grenada, I would take the water taxi to Grand Anse Beach and enjoy part of the day there then walk to Mourne Rouge Beach/BBC Beach and enjoy some of the day there as well!

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