How to Spend a Day on Barbados

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

In Barbados, we really wanted to go to Carlisle Bay as I had read it was a UNESCO site and had really good snorkeling! When we got off the cruise ship we realized 2 large ships and 2 small ships were in the port and 99% of the people were going to Carlisle Bay. I read it was already a busy beach but with so many people in port, so we knew it would be even busier.

We ended up making a last minute decision to go to Brandon Beach, which you can see from the cruise port. We hopped in a taxi with 4 other people and driver waited 10-15 minutes hoping to fill it up with other people, but he never did. That's when we knew we made the right decision to go to a quiet beach! The taxi was $10 per person for a roundtrip ride and he dropped us off right at Rascal's Beach Bar that had food, drinks and chairs for rent. Beach chairs were $5 per person and came with a free umbrella. The water was milky that day, but we wished it was crystal clear as we could see turtles popping their heads up and swimming out there. Unfortunately it was too milky to snorkel and see anything.

(We had the beach to ourself)

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