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Where is the US Dollar strong?

Updated: Feb 9

You might be wondering where is the US Dollar is strong?

The US Dollar used to be weak compared to other countries like Japan, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and others but lately it's been strong meaning when you travel, your money goes further. Many of these countries now are where is the US Dollar strong.

Below are 7 places to travel that answer "where is the US Dollar strong?"

A picture of the US one dollar bill in black and white


In Thailand if you took $0.28 USD it would be $1 there.

While you can already stay at a 5 star resort in Thailand for the price of a 2-3 star in the US, this means your dollar will go even further than before, which can make Thailand a trip that doesn't have to be a bucket list trip! You can easily do it in 2024!

South Africa

If you took $0.53 USD it would be $1 in South Africa.

Now is the time to plan your African Safari where you can spend 50% less than you might have when our dollar wasn't as strong.

New Zealand

If you had $0.60 USD it would be $1 in New Zealand. New Zealand's dollar years ago was much more than the American dollar, making a vacation to New Zealand qu​​​​ite expensive. Think of it this way, you're saving 40% on everything you do and where you stay!


Australia is similar to New Zealand in that if you had $0.64 USD it would be $1 in Australia. Why not do the best of both worlds and see Australia and New Zealand together in a land tour or customized "island" hopping trip.

Japan About 10 years ago we couldn't go to Japan because we knew once we were there it was going to be so expensive. We went in January 2023 and I went in April 2023 and the prices were great. $0.67 USD is $1 in Japan which makes everything about 30% less. Think about booking your vacation now for the Spring to see the Cherry Blossoms!!


Not long ago my parents crossed the border to go shopping in the USA because it was less expensive. While it's no longer a good deal for Canadians, it works in favor for Americans. $0.74 USD is $1 in Canada. If you've been wanting to see the Rocky Mountains via train or ski in Banff, now​​'s the time to book that vacation!


When I went to Europe as a teenager, our dollar was terrible! I remember having to calculate that everything I bought would be 40% more. Now our dollar is almost equal with $1.06 being $1 in Europe, so we only lose $0.06. Europe is HOT right now. If you're wanting to go for the Winter Christmas Markets, enjoy the off season in the Spring or go during the summer, now is the time to book.

If you'd like to chat about traveling in 2024 while the US Dollar is strong, I would love to help you travel to these amazing destinations.

You can visit and click on "Schedule Consult" to choose a date/time to zoom with Libbi, The Gypsea Traveller.

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