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When is the best time to visit Hawaii?

The Gypsea Traveller is a Hawaii Travel Agency. The Owner, Libbi is a travel agent that lives in Hawaii. She has visited all of the Hawaiian Islands and lives on Oahu.

People always ask me "when is the BEST time to visit Hawaii?". The short answer is always, as our weather is 85 degrees and sunny year round. The long answer is what I'll write about below.

The best time to visit Hawaii is usually when school is in session for Elementary, Middle/High school and colleges.

Teachers are working, kids are in school and many people are not traveling during this time. But holidays like Summer Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Years and Spring Break will always be more expensive and have less availability.

If you can travel after Labor Day weekend in September until before Thanksgiving, there are often less people and the prices are less.

If you can travel after New Years until March/April when Spring Break occurs all over the US, this can be a great time too. Spring Break varies all over the US between March-April so these months are often much more expensive.

If you can travel in May after Spring Break and before school ends, the end of May to the beginning of June is a great time to visit Hawaii as the prices will also be less and there will be less people traveling.

Traveling during Hurricane Seasons

Not everyone wants to chance traveling during Hurricane season, even though Hawaii rarely gets hurricanes. The summer months will be busy due to school being out, but September-November is a great time to visit Hawaii due to not everyone wanting to travel during this time.

Traveling in the Winter with Weather Storms

Sometimes December-February and even March can be rainier in Hawaii. Many people especially avoid Kauai in February due to it being a rainier month. If you want to chance the rain, then Kauai may have better prices during the winter months outside Christmas/New Years Eve.

Outside of Whale Seasons

Whale season starts around December and ends late April. Maui is known for the best whale watching in Hawaii and often their prices during these months are outrageously expensive.

If you've been dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation, but don't know where to start to plan your vacation, book your free 30 minute consultation with The Gypsea Traveller to learn more. Libbi can help you book a vacation package that includes your flight, the perfect resort for you, car rental or airport transfers and insurance. She can also custom design an itinerary for you based on excursion and restaurant recommendations.

Libbi lives in Hawaii and has visited all of the Hawaiian Islands. She loves helping clients book their dream vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. You can visit and click on "Schedule Consult" to choose a date/time to zoom with Libbi, The Gypsea Traveller

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