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Beach Vacation


Free Consultation

You will be offered a free 30 minute consultation with Libbi, The Gypsea Traveller. During this meeting she will get to know you and ask about your dream vacation.

Air Travel

Domestic and International Flights are a part of your travel package. Libbi will book your airfare with your vacation package. Libbi can help you find the airports best for your roundtrip flights and make sure you have everything ready to go before you even pack your suitcase. 

Personalized Vacation Planning

Libbi will plan a vacation that is custom designed for you. She will choose resorts that fit your wants, needs and expectations as well as set up transfers or a car rental that ensures you get to your final destination. 


Libbi will help match you with the appropriate

 accommodations. Forget about spending hours searching through travel reviews that may not even be accurate; Libbi has first and second-hand knowledge to be able to provide you with a recommendation.

Tropical Vacations

Libbi can help you plan your next tropical vacation, whether it's island hopping in the Caribbean, relaxing on the beach at an all-inclusive resort or planning your dream Hawaiian vacation. 


Assistance doesn’t end when your plane lands. Libbi will also books any transportation is needed throughout your travels. You won’t have to stress about making arrangements to get from place to place. Libbi  take the hassle out of the equation and leave you with peace of mind throughout your trip.


With so many options available for tours, day-trips, and excursions, it’s important to be able to depend on someone with expert knowledge in this area. Instead of waiting to book tours on-site, Libbi can assist you with booking excursions before you leave for your vacation. 

24/7 Support

You’ll never have to face a travel issue alone when you partner with Libbi.  You’ll find peace of mind knowing that you have someone to contact throughout your trip. Libbi will be on standby 24/7 to help you with any questions that you may have while you’re away.


Libbi has extensive insight when it comes to planning your next cruise, whether you’re planning to island hop in the Caribbean or cruise Alaska. Libbi  can also help you with any pre/post land packages you may require before boarding or after returning. 

Insurance and Protection Plans

A customized vacation protection plan quote will be offered to you, that will ensure your vacation is protected in event of cancellations or changes. 


Libbi will advise you on passport and visa information as well as health and safety procedures that may be required before traveling. Libbi makes it a top priority to fill you in on important details about your vacation. 

Planning Your Next Vacation

Libbi will welcome you home after your vacation as well as find out what you loved about your vacation or if there was anything your disliked. She will keep you updated on travel information and be available to assist you with your next vacation!

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