How to Spend a Day on Tortola in The British Virgin Islands

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Tortola is a beautiful island owned by the British. They accept US dollars and are different from the US Virgin Islands.

We arrived by cruise ship to Tortola and paid $8 per person one way to go to Brewers Bay. We found out it was a wavy day and all the beaches were on the Atlantic Ocean side which is known for more waves than the Caribbean Sea. Brewers was too wavy for us so we paid another $6 pp for the taxi to drop us off at Cane Garden Bay. The beach is very long and beautiful. We paid $15 for two beach chairs and an umbrella with free wifi. At lunch, we ate at the restaurant that had burgers and sandwiches for all under $5. While this beach was beautiful it wasn't my favorite as I prefer the Caribbean Sea beaches. The water was not clear and was milkier. If I'm ever back on Tortola I'll definitely see if I can find a beach on the Caribbean Sea side of the island.

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