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Things to do on Moorea Island

The Gypsea Traveller is a Hawaii Travel Agency that books various tropical destinations. The Owner, Libbi is a travel agent that lives in Hawaii. Tahiti is only a six hour flight from Hawaii, making it just as easy to fly there than California. Libbi visited Mo'orea for four nights and discovered the many things to do on Moorea island.

Libbi fell in love with Tahiti the first time she experienced it as it's similar to Hawaii but more secluded, quiet and Hawaii over 200 years ago! After spending four nights on Mo'orea she discovered the many things to do on Moorea island.

So you decided you want to stay on Mo'orea for your Tahiti vacation, but now you don't know what to do there? Below are some of my recommendations for things to do on Moorea island.

A view of a resort with over water bungalows in the calm crystal clear blue water. There are green palm trees and mountains in the distance.
Sofitel Mo'orea

In May we went to French Polynesia and did a week long cruise around the islands. After the cruise, we took the ferry from Tahiti to Mo'orea and stayed 4 nights!

The first resort we stayed at was The Hilton Mo'orea. I loved the overwater bungalows at the Hilton. The rooms were updated, spacious and being able to hop into the water from the bungalow was amazing! We also enjoyed their restaurants and our package came with free breakfast which was delicious. They also have a crepe restaurant that's over the water. In the evenings the sharks and stingrays come in while you eat your dinner. They had a small beach as well as garden bungalows. The water was very clear and the snorkeling was good.

The second resort we stayed at was The Sofitel Mo'orea. They're known for their really long beach. It was a great beach with clear water and great snorkeling. We kayaked every morning and saw stingrays and fish right from the kayak the water was so clear. The rooms were spacious and our Beach Bungalow even had a twin size bed if you had kids joining you. The bungalows were a bit older than Hilton's but still spacious and great.

For Excursions on Mo'orea we opted for an island tour where we went up to Belvedere Lookout. We did a bus tour but there was also ATV and 4x4 truck tours as well. We learned about the history of the island and visited some historical sites as well.

We also opted for a snorkeling excursion through Voila Mo'orea. They took us to a shark/ray site, a coral garden and to a tiki snorkel spot. The catamaran only takes out 8 passengers which is a great size. They're also an eco tour and have opted to not feed the stingrays and sharks. We still saw a ton.

There are over water bungalows sitting over crystal clear blue water. There are lush green mountains and the sky is blue with bright white clouds.
Hilton Mo'orea

If you've been dreaming of a vacation to Tahiti and Mo'orea, but don't know where to start to plan your vacation, book your free 30 minute consultation with The Gypsea Traveller to learn more. Libbi can help you book a vacation package that includes your flight, the perfect resort for you, car rental or airport transfers and insurance. She can also custom design an itinerary for you based on excursion and restaurant recommendations.

You can visit and click on "Schedule Consult" to choose a date/time to zoom with Libbi, The Gypsea Traveller

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