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How to Spend a Day on Guadaloupe

Updated: Feb 9

Guadaloupe is an amazing island that is rarely visited by American tourists. It is owned by France so French is the main language spoken and euros are accepted, not U.S Dollars.

Day 1:

We landed in Guadaloupe and rented a vehicle for 24 hours. We dropped our bags off at our beautiful Airbnb called Villa Zandoli and drove to the east side of the island. We checked out St. Anne Beach which is on the Atlantic side. St. Anne beach has a reef that protects the beach from large waves. The water was not super clear and the sand was very hard-packed. I think Guadaloupe has a lot more amazing beaches than St. Anne Beach and wouldn't go back to it if I had time to go to another beach.

Day 2:

We drove to the west side of the island (Basse-Terre) and checked out Grande Anse Beach. It was absolutely beautiful. I would go back to Grande Anse the next time we are on Guadaloupe. The beach was not busy and the water was crystal clear.

(Grande Anse Beach)

Day 3:

On our third day, we left on a cruise for 14 days but halfway through the cruise, we came back to Guadaloupe. We signed up for a ship excursion with Costa Cruise and went to Anse Souffleur Beach. It was a beautiful beach with calm water on the one side and surfing on the other. I would go back to Anse Souffleur again if I visit Guadaloupe. On the plus side, this beach had a lot of sea glass. On each vacation, I beach comb for sea glass and shells and this beach had an amazing amount of sea glass and a lot of small shells. I had to be careful with the shells as many hermit crabs called them home and I only collect empty shells.

Don't miss out on the Sorbet Coco (coconut sorbet) on Guadaloupe. It's hand-churned and absolutely amazing.

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