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Virgin Voyages Cruises Pros vs. Cons

Updated: Feb 9

Virgin Voyages is an amazing new adult only cruise line! That's right! All guests need to be at least 18 years or older to cruise on Virgin Voyages.

Virgin Voyages is one of the closest cruises to being all-inclusive as well. They offer gratuities, wifi, basic beverages like soda, ice tea etc, (not alcohol) in their pricing which is rare for cruise lines unless you specifically add their all inclusive package. They also include speciality dining and workout classes in their prices as well!

In December 2021, we sailed on the Scarlet Lady out of Miami for 5 days. We went to Caya Costa, Nassau and Bimini.


The Rooms Our rooms on Virgin are very unique and techie. As soon as you open your door, the curtains to your balcony open up. The TV and lights can all be controlled by a remote. The rooms were clean and comfortable. We especially loved the hammock on our balcony. Entertainment The shows on Virgin are so unique! We went to the Dance Party, Never Sleep Alone and their acrobatic show. All of them were 100% different then we've ever experience on another cruise line.

Virgin also had sessions you could attend such as star gazing, etc. They also include workout classes in their pricing and even had a fun acrobat yoga you could sign up for. Food

The food on Virgin was to die for!!! It's the best food I've had on a cruise ship.

They don't have a main dining room or buffet like other cruise lines do. Instead they have The Galley, which is like a food market. You can order almost anything you can think of up there and it's cooked fresh, not sitting out like a buffet. They had a ramen station, sushi, bento boxes, burgers, sandwiches and more!

Instead of a main dining room or specialty restaurants, they have multiple restaurants to choose from for dinner. They're all included in the cruise price, unlike other lines where you pay additional for specialty dining. Our favorite restaurants for dinner were Razzle Dazzle and Extra Virgin. We also enjoyed going to the Pizza place for pizza. Their ice cream shop also was amazing and had a ton of flavors to choose from. All included in the price! Their ice cream shops name is called Lick me Till....Ice Cream.

You do need to make reservations once you get on the ship for dinner, but it's easy and if you want to eat somewhere without a reservation, you can always get on the waitlist. Pools Virgin has a great pool area on their deck. The seating is very comfortable with multiple chairs and lounge beds around the pool. Lot's of people think Virgin is a crazy party ship for adults but they actually focus on wellness. Their pool was quite relaxing during the day. Added Bonus All Caribbean cruises go to Bimini to their private beach club. This day is amazing with lots of space to hang out, a pool float party you can join in (only if you want to). The food on Bimini is like no other island day you've had with other cruise lines. Lunch was ribs, and other specialties not the normal hot dogs and hamburgers! Rating I rate Virgin a 10/10. They are truly a unique cruise line just for adults! They are 100% inclusive and celebrate LGBTQ, so you will want to be LGBTQ accepting to cruise with them otherwise you could be offended by some of their shows or not enjoy the cruise.

If you have questions about cruising and want to book your next vacation, you can and click on "Schedule Consult" to choose a date/time to zoom with Libbi, The Gypsea Traveller

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