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How to Spend a Day on Martinique

Updated: Feb 9

We were lucky enough to visit Martinique twice during a 14-day cruise. Martinique is owned by France and the main language is French. I highly recommend downloading the Google Translate app when visiting Martinique as no one spoke English and we didn't know much French. The app came in handy when we wanted to order food at the restaurants and read the menu! The currency on Martinique is Euros. They will not take US currency.

Day 1:

We paid for the cruise ship excursion that took us to Pointe Marin Beach for the day. The beach was very big with lots of shade. There were no vendors or beach chairs to rent but the trees gave us a nice amount of shade all day long. The bus ride out there took an hour each way but we were given 5 hours at the beach. There were also restaurants you could walk to for food and drinks. Pointe Marin had nice water, but it was a bit milky where you couldn't see the bottom.

Day 2:

We took the ferry outside of the cruise port to Anse Mitan. There are two cruise ports in Martinique. One is right by the ferry, the other is to the right of the ferry and requires you to walk towards the fort. There were many signs saying Ferry that made it easy to find. The ferry cost $7 roundtrip per person and allowed you to take it as many times as you like in the day. We caught the ferry to Anse Mitan Beach and enjoyed our day there. The water was crystal clear and had lots of sea glass, shells and empty urchins to discover. There were also restaurants available for drinks and food. At the end of the day, we hopped back on the Ferry and took it to the next Beach called Anse a L'ane. The water was darker there and was quite shallow, so we didn't stay there very long. We also read that you can take the Ferry to Pointe Du Bout or walk from Anse Mitan to Pointe Du Bout and that it's a very beautiful beach.

If we go back to Martinique, I would definitely go to Anse Mitan again and try to check out Pointe Du Bout.

(Anse Mitan and my ocean finds)

(Great snorkeling and crystal clear water at Anse Mitan)

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