Celebrity Cruises Comparison

Celebrity Cruises is owned by Royal Caribbean. While Royal Caribbean is considered a mass-market cruise, Celebrity is known as a premier cruise line. I feel like Celebrity definitely goes above and beyond some of the other cruise lines out there by adding small touches to so many aspects of their ships.


We cruised on the Celebrity Summit in December 2018 and cruised from San Juan, Puerto Rico to St. Croix, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Antigua and Dominica over Christmas. 



The Rooms

Our room on Celebrity was very clean. The room steward was so friendly and made sure we had everything we needed. They added small touches like a higher line of shampoos, conditioners, and soaps to the bathrooms. They also provide a beach bag in each room which is really helpful if you want an additional bag for the towels they provide. There is also an umbrella in each room which is great if you wake up to an unexpected rainy day!


The entertainment on Celebrity was amazing. I don't think there was a show we didn't enjoy and the singers and dancers for the shows were amazing. The singing and dancing were some of the best I've seen in our 10 years of cruising. 

Celebrity Summit also offered outdoor movies in the evenings. We enjoyed sitting outside each evening and watching a movie that was newly released to DVD. The only downside to Celebrity was that they didn't have a game room/library. When we cruise we enjoy playing a game of crib with family members in the game room as well as renting out some of the books they have. This was literally the only con we had with Celebrity so I won't complain!

We were busy most days in port so we often didn't participate in the game shows or trivia but one thing that was mentioned to us on Cruise Critic was to attend the Silent Disco. This was a great event that involved everyone getting noise-canceling headphones that have 4-6 music stations on them. Guests get to choose the music they want to listen to and everyone dances. The most important thing to do during the silent disco is to take off your headphones and people watch for a few minutes. It will crack you up as you'll notice people are dancing to different music, so some people will be dancing slow and others will be dancing fast. Some people will be singing which you can't hear when you have your headphones on. It's definitely a fun evening and one you shouldn't miss. 


The food on Celebrity was stellar. We only ate in the dining room a few nights, but what I liked most was the variety at the buffet. Some cruise lines don't have a large buffet at dinner as they want you to eat in the dining room but Celebrity definitely had a large buffet each evening. A highlight for me on any cruise is when there is a pasta station! They had a make your own pasta station where the pasta was hot and you could choose what to add (veggies, sauce, etc.). For anyone that has children, milk is also provided all throughout the day in a glass container on ice. Many cruise lines will have milk and juice at breakfast and then water and maybe iced tea available the rest of the day (if you don't have a drink package) so the fact that Celebrity has milk all day for children, as well as some other drinks, is really nice. Celebrity also provides a variety of teas to choose from. We always love to have tea in the evening at the outdoor movie or all day long if we're on an Alaska cruise, so we enjoyed the variety of teas available for free.


We don't have children, so we loved that Celebrity has an adult only area. An amazing bonus is that they also have a thalassotherapy pool in the adult area. On any other cruise line, we've cruised with, the thalassotherapy pool is in the spa and is not free to guests. A thalassotherapy pool is a saltwater pool that can help with circulation and assist with joint paint. It was warmer than a pool but not as warm as a hot tub and it also had jets. My Dad who has back pain felt it helped is back feel better!


I rate Celebrity a 10/10 for the cruises we've been on. Even though we only cruised with them once, I could tell they really put effort into making their cruise line extra special. While the prices for Celebrity can be a bit higher than the mass market cruises, I really do feel like its worth it and you'll notice the difference in amenities. 

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